A Loner, and I like it.

Hey there, I’m Nisha. I’m basically the lonely goddess! Being alone is my favourite thing. Am I all right? Someone would ask. Ironically, I’m totally fine. It’s fine to prefer to spend time alone all by oneself. There were time I would question myself like what’s the matter with me? Why can’t I just getContinue reading “A Loner, and I like it.”


There’s a bunch of things I need to buy. Clothes, shoes, gadgets, books, you name it. The list is endless. Does that mean I’m a materialistic person? Materialistic person is someone who values or measures their happiness on non living or materialistic things. True, I would be extremely happy when I got something I haveContinue reading “materialistic?”

never a flower person…

Flowers? Doesn’t have the same vibe like… Chocolate! Food! Books! Movies! I don’t get it why ladies are so fond of flowers. When they receives a bouquet of flowers they act like it’s the most luxurious think they own. They would post it on social media and act all that bubbly. True, it’s a niceContinue reading “never a flower person…”